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The Tectaloy brand has been providing quality coolants for vehicles Australia wide since 1952 and now also throughout New Zealand, giving you peace of mind when travelling or running a fleet. With the extensive availability of Tectaloy Coolants, you can ensure product conformance and compatibility, and avoid the pitfalls of mixing different coolants.


Now part of ITW AAMTech, Tectaloy products are manufactured in state of the art facilities with the technical support of ITW's global resources.


Tectaloy manufacture quality anti-freeze concentrates, Pre-mix Ready to Use coolants, and corrosion inhibitor concentrates to suit passenger & performance vehicles, light truck, heavy duty and stationary engines.

Tectaloy are committed to remaining the leader in developing and delivering quality, innovative cooling system solutions, for the Australian and New Zealand Automotive Aftermarkets.

The Range

TECTALOY 60 PLUS - The best conventional coolant on the market, perfect for early year vehicles.

Australia's best range of Ready to Use Pre-mix and concentrate coolants. With The Tectaloy ULMTD range, you can really go the distance, lasting 10 years or up to 1,000,000 kms.

The TECTALOY PLUS range offer the Xtra Cool and Xtra Cool Gold corrosion inhibitors as well as radiator additives to help you repair or completely flush your vehicle. 

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